Sunday, October 28, 2012


October has flown by! I can't believe how quick Halloween has snuck up on us...
Anyway, here's the evidence that we have on all our fall activities:
We made some capes

and everyone became super heros

Happy girl!

Painting with yarn

home made lacing

Playdough time

Going on a leaf hunt

tracing with glue

Leaf Glitter!

And here is the finished leaf glittered leaf project


Trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

After getting pumpkins we had a treat at Artic Circle

Chilly day at the park

Friday, October 5, 2012


I love the sweet smiles and giggles from little girls

Friday, September 21, 2012

Brief Catch Up

Well since school started it has been pretty busy here in child care land... I never imagined the life I have now, but I couldn't have it any better. I enjoy having extremely busy days but I love the more quiet calm days just as much. I'm still getting use to the new schedule school has brought, and am working hard on building relationships with new kids and strengthen relationships with everyone here. 
 With several kids needing school readiness I decided to focus these next few weeks on scissor skills. One of the days I drew the letter their name begins with and they had to fill their letter with playdough. Once we mastered the "snake" skill they filled their name with the snake, then they snipped the dough and filled it with small pieces. I decided to call it good but pretty soon they were trading letters to do each others, it was a great activity.
 One day my cousin who lives here called and said she had a surprise visitor out by her mailbox and wondered what I thought about it. I said bring it on over!!! So we had this {not so little} pet for about a week, the kids went crazy over it. Hopefully we are only visited by tarantulas in jars...

Most of my day is spent following the kids lead and doing what comes naturally to them. A different way of "hanging out" some might say. Anyway, here are a few random pics of us doing the regular:

Mr. Dang got a pic of us in the process of making September playdough: apple pie playdough :) More on that next time.
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

School is in the air

August Playdough
yellow like a school bus
I added a few drops of DoTERRA's On Guard essential oil this month, I just figured with school starting why not add a little extra to help kill those unwanted germs that come home from school. Not sure if it will be very effective all month, but it adds a nice smell to this already great sensory activity
On Guard Essential Oil
On Guard(TM) asserts a unique proprietary blending of oils, incorporating some of nature?s most valuable constituents. Studies have demonstrated citrus oils to produce some of the most prevailing benefits for eliminating unwanted bacteria, viruses and molds. Wild Orange essential oil, when combined with clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary offer diverse and effective models for use. Its unique aroma is well suited for routine diffusion, ridding the air of unwanted impurities such as bacteria. Safe to use on counter tops, On Guard(TM) is a non-toxic way to disinfect a variety of surface areas. Toxic molds have been identified as a major source for chronic respiratory infections and other health issues. Its prevalence in our homes and the environment is overwhelming. On Guard(TM) is superb for eliminating and controlling infectious molds due to the blended constituents of these extraordinary essential oils. On Guard(TM) can be used topically, internally and diffused into the air.

playdough went school clothes shopping and got a hat and face :)

I saw a Montessori idea for 6months-18months, TREASURE BASKETS! I already did this because L loves to take toys out of buckets and such, but I never really had a theme to it. So I told the kids I wanted to make a treasure basket for the babies and everyone went on a scavenger hunt for green baby safe items. And of course it is loved.

Patty Cake patty cake


While Ms. Amber makes lunch... I play in the cupboards :)

Summer Fun

Here are a few of my favorite things that haven't gotten up here yet:
Waterway Builders

Nap in the shade

24th of July parade
Worm House
Best friends
Cupcakes for no reason

Cardboard house


This is the house that the big boys built
Washing beets