Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Random things!

Making May playdough

playing with the new playdough... the boys have been bringing the big monster trucks over to the playdough

Brides to be with their wedding bouquets :)

mud pit

throwing rocks in the stream on our walk

D has been helping A with riding his bike

the kids enjoying their gourmet shaved ice

This is where we walked, and it was totally worth the walk! 

girls making a "chicken pie"

fine motor with I, one of my favorite homemade toys!


Puppy Chow

The kids LOVE to cook! They like that they get to be involved in their snack and meal times, and always enjoy their food more (and eat it better!)  if they were able to help with the planning and preparation. I usually sit with the kids when they are having a down time and will ask them what their favorite snacks and meals are. I will write down what they say then I will say "OK, now we need to make another list, and lets try to think of meals that cost about $2 a person and snacks that cost about  75 cents a person!" and its fun to write down what they come up with up.

We got out the sand timers to time each persons turn and many many other things


1 box rice chex
3 T butter
1 c peanut butter
2 c choc chips
about 3 c powder sugar
melt the butters and choc chips together, pour over chex, dump the powdered sugar in, put on a lid and shake it all up!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Bringing the outdoors IN

In the jar we collected: small almost clear yellow looking spider, jumping spider, centipede, potato bugs, dirt and grass

looking through the magnifying glass

Painting with flowers

making ant colonies using black beans and rice

rolly polly

Hello Spring!

I love love LOVE nice weather!!! We spend so much time outside, and it is so much more enjoyable in the spring! The majority of our day is spent digging up worms, making dirt/mud cakes, making food for the chickens, riding bikes and scooters, climbing the tree, kicking/throwing/catching balls, and driving the little jeep. Thank you mother nature for helping out with daycare :)