Sunday, April 22, 2012

Herman The Worman

Herman the Worman
I was sittin on my back porch chewin some bubble gum
(chomp chomp chomp chomp)
Playin with my yo yo
(wooo oooo oooo)
When along came...........
AH Herman the Worman!
(eeee ooo eeee oooo eee oooo)
And he was THIS BIG!!!
He said........
"I ate a                     "

(wish I could figure out how to get videos up on here, I would put us singing the song. It's their favorite. Especially now that Herman's entire family lives in our dirt out back! who knew? :)


Dolly house is out this week! Girls are loving it!

WII Wednesday... Playin Monster Jam Path of Destruction.
If anything teaches the days of the week,  its making one thing (addicting video games, boo) available one day of the week

Board Games

Creative Art for these girls involves lots of paper, stickers, glue and tape. Then... lots of cutting usually takes place at the end.
(Just got home from the warehouse sale. The girls can't wait to get over to the table!)

Creative Art for these guys. Architecture.

Here is the village. They have blocked off an entire area of the toy room to be their town.

Story time



It was a quiet day here at Ms. Amber's when we practiced our earthquake drill, but it was a great learning time for my own kids and my other little guy who was here! I found a earthquake game on the shake out website, and we played it a few times. The kids got a better idea about what happens to things in the house if the ground starts shaking. I also downloaded the audio they offer on the shake out website, so we listened real close for the rumbling sound then hurried and got under the table before it really started getting loud. 
Finger's crossed this practice was a waste of time, and we never have the need to use what we learned... but we will be prepared if we do! I'll have to do it again when everyone is here...


Mixin up some April playdough
(the kids make new playdough every month, more often if it gets yucky)

Ms. Amber's favorite playdough recipe
4c flour
2c salt
8tsp cream of tarter (sometimes I don't put in quite as much, cuz I hate to use so much, but it always works out anyways...)
4c water
4T oil (I am a tiny bit generous with the oil... it just seems to have a better consistency or something if there is a tiny bit extra)
then the people pick either:
2 pkgs koolaid
1 pkg jello powder
food coloring
essential oil (favorites: grapefruit, orange, lemon, lavendar, and peppermint)
Sometimes we add glitter or sand to enhance the sensory experience

Stir it all up, cook on med high heat until most of it has turned to dough. I take it out when about half of it is still wet/sticky looking. If you cook it all the way it dries out too fast. Plop it on the table, knead it til its all come together, and cool enough for the kids to handle. Ask the kids to count how many people there are and have them tell you how to divide it up!
There you go. All my kids play with playdough at least an hour a day... it is available for play all day every day and it always comes out.
Parents let them play playdough!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

EaSteR eGG hUnT!!!

We started the celebration off with a shaving cream paint technique done on an easter egg shaped paper, it was a hit. While the kids were busy playing/crafting Mr Dang spread out the eggs. It didn't take long for all the kiddos to get their eggs!


Will the truck make it all the way through? Lets play... ALL MORNING and find out!

Lets Go Fly A Kite...

One of my favorite days this month! Definitely worth doing! Definitely doing again and again!


What do you do with Angry Bird obsessed children?